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Julie Flores: Once literally ‘bent in half,’ she now stands tall

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By Melissa Dahl

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For three decades, Julie Flores was unable to stand upright — the result of a crushing combination of scoliosis and severe dystonia that twisted her spine, quite literally bending her body in half.

“Everybody just laughed at me and called me names, and they were rude to me, and I just didn’t like it,” remembers 39-year-old Flores, whose mild cognitive impairment causes her to speak in a simple, straightforward style.

But last fall, the pain from being bowed in half for most of her life became too much to bear.

“It got to the point where it was so severe, it was crushing her lungs, and her spine was crushing into the rib cage of her pelvis,” says her mother, Lidia Flores, who lives with her husband and their daughter in their South El Monte, Calif., home.

Now, thanks to a remarkable spinal surgery, Flores stands upright, pushing 5-foot-3 — two inches taller than her mother.

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July 14, 2011 at 1:53 pm

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