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Priscilla Pomerantz: Little girl is allergic to cold

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“Nine-year-old Priscilla Pomerantz can’t play in the snow, eat ice cream or walk her dog during the winter. She can’t get cold at all, because she suffers from an allergy called cold urticaria. For Priscilla, air temperatures below 70 degrees — or even eating chilly foods — trigger an allergic reaction of hives, swelling and difficulty breathing. Left untreated, the cold could literally kill her.

‘I do worry about it. It’s something that we  worry about everyday,’ Craig Pomerantz, her father, told TODAY.

Priscilla was diagnosed two years ago, after she broke out in hives while swimming.  At
first her mother thought she must be allergic to sunscreen. But after weeks of testing,
doctors determined the problem was cold — using an ice cube as a tester.”

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February 9, 2011 at 8:39 pm

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